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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Style Designer Heels!

So I was going through my closet of older clothes and shoes I don't wear that often & where I kept some items I put away and packed up for donating or possibly Etsy (I usually just donate them), and I came across a few things that I wanted to share! Well, first off I found these Chinese Laundry heels! These use to be my favorite shoes when I first got them a few years ago. I thought that they looked really stylish and classic. They're white four-inch heels with buttoned ankle straps and white polka-dotted red inner soles that have the words CHINESE LAUNDRY printed out in gold. They even have the website on the bottom of the shoes! They're a really cool vintage-looking pair of four-inch heels. Not too tall, not too short of a heel, which I found perfect for everyday wear. These shoes also reminded me of a pair of heels Marilyn Monroe once wore on the movie 'The Seven Year Itch' that she starred in. Although the heels are quite old they're still gorgeous, and in good condition!


  1. Omg they are Gorgeous! Are they comfy?

    Louise xx

  2. These are such cute heels! I love vintage items lol nice post!

    1. I love vintage items, fashion, and decor, too! Thank you, I appreciate it! (: