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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Latest Fashion Trends

High-waist Shorts, Flag Prints, Studs, Crosses and Jeans.


Female MC Honey Cocaine (Photo taken from her twitter account).

The fashion trend that is definitely in now are PASTELS, high waist hot shorts, bandeau tops, plenty of studs, floral prints, crosses and flag prints. I'm absolutely in love with these trends, but it's not something for everyone.  Now, short shorts and tiny tops can send the wrong signals if not executed right. You want to look trendy and cute, even sexy, but not like a street walker. How do you do that? Simple. Pair off outfits with plenty of gorgeous accessories, such as headbands, bracelets, rings, earrings and such to keep the look trendy and fun. Now, bandeau tops are a tricky one. Best way to go is to have a cute overcoat, such as a jean jacket (jean is in now), a trendy blazer, a throw-over top or a shall. These are some great alternatives if you don't want to bare too much skin. Here are a few photos I found of some girls who I think pulled the look off well. Also included is famous female MC Honey Cocaine. Here are some photos of some really cute short-shorts and bandeau tops, with trendy jewelry!

(I don't own any of these images unless stated otherwise.)

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