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Saturday, March 23, 2013

BeHappy BeYoutiful!!

Being Happy By Being Yourself, and Loving and Accepting Yourself As You Are Is What Truly Makes You so Beautiful!

I believe women, and men too, of all sizes are beautiful in their own way. Petite built girls with lovely, delicate features & bone structures with subtle yet beautiful womanly curves are gorgeous. Curvy built, voluptuous girls that embody womanly eye-catching head-turning hips, thighs and bust lines are gorgeous. Lean-built men with subtle slender muscles and delicate yet manly features with strong prominent bone structures are handsome. Muscular & larger built men with very notably strong & large manly and chiseled features are handsome. And every kind of body type in-between all of these I listed are JUST as beautiful or handsome in their own way. If you really thought about it, you'd find beauty in everything and anything if you not only LOOK hard enough but also THOUGHT deep enough.

So basically, in general, If you stay close minded, you shut out SO many possibility & close many doors on alot of opportunities that may & most likely WILL be life-changing.  You'll just have to experience new things & figure that out for yourself. Don't trash something til you've tried it for yourself. Don't judge something til you've been through it for yourself. Opening your mind, opening your life, opening yout heart, lets happiness and so much more rewarding things & feelings in that make the bad things seem so small &worth it...

Sorry if I'm rambling, just felt like sharing something I felt was important with you all <3 thanks for reading. Love you! ×○×○
&remember, BeHappy BeYoutiful!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Perfect Hair Bun (Ballerina Bun) Tutorial!

What you'll need:
Bobby pins
2 Hair bands
1 Leg warmer or Sock with a hole cut in it.

1.Tie hair into a high ponytail.
2.Roll leg warmer/sock and place over ponytail, pull hair through.
3.Cover leg warmer/sock with hair from ponytail until only your hair is visible.
4.Pin your bun into place.
5.Place second hair band over bun.
And you're done!

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