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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easy & Simple Fringe T-shirt Tutorial!!

The Things We Can Do With T-shirts!

T-Shirt Fringing & Weaving.

 There's just SO many things we can do with clothes! It's absolutely amazing. We can become our very own fashion designers. T-shirt fringing just involves some scissors, a ruler, a pen, and your hands! I've made a quick video tutorial so you'll learn how! It just takes practice, it's simple enough. T-shirt weaving I'll be showing another time when I make a video for it. For now here is an old pic of when I first tried T-shirt weaving (Yellow t-shirt) , and a newer pic of freelance fringing I used in my video (Black t-shirt).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pastel Hair Dye DIY


What's the hottest trend for lovely locks now??

PASTEL, & more pastel hair colors. It's the biggest trend for sexy, fun locks. From pale whites to salmon pinks and sky blues, pastel dye is what's hot right now. From ombre styles to full-head coverage! The BIGGEST trend, is the infamous Lilac! Lilac hair colour has been seen on countless celebrities, like Amanda Bynes, Kelly Osbourne and the Olsen twins, and many fresh faces today. So, how did this trend come about? Mixing a tad bit of colored hair dye with tons of conditioner and applying it to bleached blonde/white hair.  Well, I'll tell you how you can get it step by step! So GO pastel, and unleash your inner sexy! These colors are ultra feminine! soft, and innocent yet mysterious and sexy. So unique! Get the same results as the celebrities!


Gather all the supplies you'll need listed down below.
1. Hair Dye! (Splat, Manic Panic, or permanent dye.)
2. A bottle of WHITE conditioner.
3. A medium sized mixing bowl.
4. Hair dye brushes to apply the dye evenly.
5. Clear gloves.
6. Old T-shirt and towel.
7. If you hair isn't bleached yet, 40 vol. BLEACHING KIT. ( May have to do a few sessions depending on the darkness of your hair. Wait two to three weeks in-between) 30 vol. for lighter hair.
8. Purple toner shampoo for white & silver hair (after bleaching).


After you've completed the process of bleaching your hair ( assuming that you've read the directions correctly or got your hair bleached professionally at a salon since bleaching WILL damage your hair) you can start mixing together the hair dye color of your choice and the conditioner in the bowl.

1. You want to use MORE conditioner than the hair dye of your choice. (Light hair dye colors are best.) any temporary toner, or conditioner and add about three parts conditioner and 1 1/2 part dye. This tones down the color and makes it pastel. You can do this with ANY color.

2. After mixing your dye, part your hair into four even sections. Put on your gloves, and began applying your dye with your dye brush to each section. Make sure you've fully covered all your hair.

3. If you're using manic panic hair dye ( which has conditioner in it also) , or another temporary dye that won't damage your hair, leave on for at least an hour. Since the dye mix has conditioner in it already, it shouldn't damage hair and you'll want the dye to take well to your hair. Check your hair every once in a while.

4. After about an hour or so, wash off, and add a teeny tiny bit of the dye (if you want to) to your conditioner or shampoo when washing out. This will help to keep the color from fading. Style hair as usual. AND VoilĂ !
You have gorgeous pastel hair!! Work it girl ;)
My Pastel Hair Extensions! The color is from the dye I created above!

Fashion haul!! Beauty On A Budget Series (Forever21, Marshalls, Ross etc.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Latest Fashion Trends

High-waist Shorts, Flag Prints, Studs, Crosses and Jeans.


Female MC Honey Cocaine (Photo taken from her twitter account).

The fashion trend that is definitely in now are PASTELS, high waist hot shorts, bandeau tops, plenty of studs, floral prints, crosses and flag prints. I'm absolutely in love with these trends, but it's not something for everyone.  Now, short shorts and tiny tops can send the wrong signals if not executed right. You want to look trendy and cute, even sexy, but not like a street walker. How do you do that? Simple. Pair off outfits with plenty of gorgeous accessories, such as headbands, bracelets, rings, earrings and such to keep the look trendy and fun. Now, bandeau tops are a tricky one. Best way to go is to have a cute overcoat, such as a jean jacket (jean is in now), a trendy blazer, a throw-over top or a shall. These are some great alternatives if you don't want to bare too much skin. Here are a few photos I found of some girls who I think pulled the look off well. Also included is famous female MC Honey Cocaine. Here are some photos of some really cute short-shorts and bandeau tops, with trendy jewelry!

(I don't own any of these images unless stated otherwise.)