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Friday, July 20, 2012

New Trend in Shoes!!

Lace Up Hidden Platform High Heel Booties!

Platform booties are definitely in right now. You can catch them on celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and many more! I've copped myself a pair of pink studded platform booties, adn they are to die for! SO cute! I absolutely love them. I ordered mine from Modocat.com, but there are many places you can find platform high heel booties! Designers like SHOE REPUBLIC LA, JEFFREY CAMPBELL'S "LITA" SHOES are the must have shoes for this trend! So get trendy, and order yourself of these bad, bad babies to show-off at your next rendezvous! You'll definitely be the talk of the party. Here's a few TIPS for people who want to buy these.
1. If you have NO experience walking in heels, these are definitely hazardous to your health! They're about 6 inches. I suggest you try finding some with a much smaller heel! Remember, a lady only looks attractive in heels if she can work them.
2. The ones I've ordered, are studded death machines. Just kidding, but the studs are these heels can be dangerous, if you have kids around, definitely keep these put up in as safe place in the box. Don't want any accidents to happen!
3. They don't have much support or cushion on the sole, so if you're flat footed or have sensitive feet, definitely buy some in support cushion or gel pads for the inner sole, especially if you plan on wearing these to festivals or concerts.
4. The laces are there for a reason! Lace 'em on tight to keep 'em on right!
So that's basically all the advice I have to offer so far! Please check out my youtube review video to view how they look when I try them on!! Youtube account: Lalitahkillsz
Thanks so much!
ENJOY your fab shoes!
Credits for this photo go to NastyGal.com

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